Ecobusters wirkt gegen Fliegen, Schnaken, Mücken, Bremsen und andere Insekten!

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      Ecobusters is an effective, safe and registered fly control system! Harmless to humans, animals and the environment. The EcoHome Spray-Sets work fully automatic and are versatile. Perfect for insect and mosquito protection when camping in tents, caravans and campers, for at home, terraces, living rooms, offices, restaurants, on boats, in the kitchen, in the office as well as company and sports canteens and restaurants.

      How Ecobusters works
      An automatic misting system sprays the natural product Ecobuster in the stable or in the house at regular intervals. It fights the insects in an effective way and is also harmless to humans, animals and the environment. Ecobusters is a 100% natural product and a fully automatic spray system.

      Advantages of Ecobusters

      • 100% natural ingredients
      • Very effective for insect control
      • Avoids stress and illness in your animals
      • Harmless to humans and animals
      • System works fully automatically (24/7)
      • Safe and registered (BAuA in Germany)
      • Low maintenance

      Ecobusters is the only safe system in Europe. Tested and approved in Germany according to the European Biocide Regulation (N-98068

      Ecobusters EcoHome Spray-Sets are also ideal for horse stables (up to 10 boxes are covered per dispenser), horse transporters, kennels, dairy farms and other farms (cattle, goats, ...).

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