How does it work?

      Easy as can be! Follow the steps below to an insect-free home in minutes!
      An automatic misting system sprays the natural product Ecobuster in your house or in the stable at regular intervals. It fights the insects in an effective way and is also harmless to humans, animals and the environment. Ecobusters is a 100% natural product and a fully automatic spray system.

      Place the Ecobusters EcoHome dispenser on cupboards and higher chests of drawers so that the active ingredient can be distributed well in the room. It can also be hung anywhere with the appropriate suspension. Make sure that it is not sprayed directly on plastic / furniture. If the spray machine is in operation, the LED lamp lights up green. It will turn red as soon as the batteries need to be replaced. If the LED light flashes 10 times, the filling must be replaced. To keep the room insect-free, we recommend regular use with 8 to a maximum of 16 sprays per day.


      1. Place the EcoHome-Spray and batteries in the dispenser
      2. Set EcoHome individually on your desired spray times
      3. Finished - ready to use!


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