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    About us

    Ecobusters is the most effective insect control in Europe.

    We not only offer you the best prices, but also the best service. We are at your disposal with professional advice on all aspects of insect protection and control. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

    Ecobusters combats the annoyance of insects such as flies, fruit flies and mosquitoes in an environmentally friendly way. We offer ecological products that protect you from annoying insects and make you happy. Our sprays and fly traps are ecological, highly effective, easy to use and affordable.

    What we do

    Ecobusters is a female led equestrian company from the beautiful south of Germany. The activities are divided into the three divisions of fly protection for the home, fly protection for the stable and rubber mats for the stable. As a leading provider in the field of insect protection, Ecobusters offers innovative solutions for horse stables, livestock husbandry, private households and F&B. Ecobusters pursues the vision to create harmless, safe and effective insect protection. The strategic goal of Ecobusters is to create solutions and products for the horse industry and for everyone at home. With innovative and inspiring products and services, Ecobusters improves the quality of life for people and animals alike.

    Who we are

    Our employees are united by our unique corporate culture, the love for animals and people. We live our values. We create new technical solutions with creative ideas and consider fair dealings with our colleagues and business partners to be a prerequisite for our success. We value and promote diversity as an enrichment. That is what makes our employees special.

    Our mission

    We love our environment and have made it our mission to create harmless, safe and effective insect protection without polluting our environment.

    Natural ingredients

    It is important to us to use natural ingredients. We strive to continuously develop our products and relentlessly research new ways to expand our range and improve existing products.


    For us, sustainability means securing the long-term success of the company and at the same time protecting the natural foundations of life for present and future generations. With us, ecology becomes the engine for innovation. At the same time, we take on social responsibility to a particularly high degree - not only within the company, but also beyond. All of our products are subject to strict guidelines and the highest quality standards. We strive to work as much as possible with natural, recyclable and non-harmful materials. That is why our packaging is made from reusable materials and some are biodegradable. We protect our environment and do not use PVC for our packaging. This also applies to shipping. Our packages are prepared and packed in an environmentally friendly manner. This means that we reuse packages to reduce waste and avoid unnecessary waste of material. Taking care of our environment, we also rely on Europe-wide CO2-neutral shipping.

    Diversity and inclusion

    We value and use the variety of ways of thinking, experiences, perspectives and life plans and thus ensure our long-term business success. Diversity is an integral part of the corporate strategy and is firmly anchored in our corporate values. For us, diversity shows in the uniqueness of our employees, their personalities, experiences and perspectives. By involving everyone and ensuring equality of opportunity, we unleash our full potential. Numerous studies show that mixed teams at all levels develop better products and services. With us, everyone has the same opportunities, regardless of gender - even in management positions. For Ecobusters, the appreciation of all employees counts - regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. We network employees and promote the exchange between people with different sexual orientations and identities and their mutual understanding. Because everyone should be able to contribute authentically with us. We also increase our innovative strength by focusing on the unique skills of our employees, not on their age, gender, religion or origin. That is why we create a work environment that takes into account and appreciates the special needs and skills of everyone. Because all employees are part of our diversity and contribute with their individual strengths.

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