SET: Fly Trap Meadow + Mounting Post + 240g Attractant

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      SET: Ecobusters Fly Trap Meadow + iron mounting post + attractant 240g

      - Versatile and proven in practice
      - Long-lasting active agent remains active up to 8 weeks
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      Product description

      The Ecobusters Meadow fly trap ensures an almost fly-free environment! Versatile - whether on the pasture, in the riding arena, on the campsite or in the garden.

      Summertime is the time for flies! Whether you want to eat a piece of cake in the garden or spend time with your animals in the pasture, annoying flies are always present in summer. Not only are they annoying, they are also very unhygienic. Flies like to spend their time on the dung or other places with a strong odor. Afterwards they sit e.g. on your cake or in front of the eyes of your animals. Flies transmit germs that can lead to serious diseases.

      Use the Ecobusters Fly Trap Meadow to effectively protect the people and animals around you. The set includes an efficient lure that attracts flies. The liquid attractant is simply filled into the fly trap. The flies, once caught inside, cannot escape and drown through the "One Way" openings.
      The Ecobusters fly trap meadow can be filled with approx. 6 litres of water. You need about 40g of attractant per liter. If the bucket is full, it can be emptied and the attractant is simply refilled. The attractant remains active for about 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the ambient temperature.

      The attractant is of no interest to bees and birds will not fit through the openings!


      Where you can use it

      • Pastures, riding arenas, dairy farms, poultry farms, horse, sheep and pig stables
      • Campsites, sports field, parks and garden
      • in other places with fly nuisance


      • very effective, reduces the annoyance of flies by up to 90%
      • with 6 "One Way" openings - safe for birds and bees!
      • easy filling
      • attractant remains active for about 6 to 8 weeks
      • easy use with the iron mounting post

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      Ich war lange auf der Suche nach einer praktischen und effektiven Fliegenfalle für meine Weide. Hier bin ich fündig geworden. Diese mobile Fliegenfalle ist absolut empfehlenswert. Warum? 1. Aufbau sehr einfach, ohne zusätzliches Werkzeug. Jeder Schritt ist sehr gut erklärt, Lockstoff ist schon dabei und kann direkt genutzt werden. 2. Die Fliegenfalle steht sehr stabil, kann mit dem Aufstellpfahl einfach im Boden verankert werden. 3. Die Falle kann sehr gut von einer Person alleine versetzt werden. Das ist super praktisch, wenn die Pferde nicht immer auf einer Koppel sind. 4. Einfacher Abbau und kann bei Nichtnutzung in die Scheune gestellt werden, wenn sich z.B. ein Sturm angesagt hat.
      Posted by: Michaela on 6 July 2021


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      SET: Fly Trap Meadow + Mounting Post + 240g Attractant
      € 56,95
      SET: Fly Trap Meadow + Mounting Post + 240g Attractant
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