Fly Trap Garden

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      SET: Ecobusters Fly Trap Garden + Attractant 40g

      - highly effective against flies
      - biologically and environmentally friendly
      - Long-lasting active agent remains active up to 8 weeks... Show more
      • Effectively fight insects
      • Immediately ready for use - success in a very short time
      • Easy application, easy refilling

      Product description

      The Ecobusters fly trap garden ensures an almost fly-free environment! Versatile - whether on the terrace, in the garden, or when camping.

      Summertime is fly time! Whether you want to eat a piece of cake in the garden or spend time with friends and family on the balcony, annoying flies are always present in summer. Not only are they annoying, they are also very unhygienic. Flies like to spend their time on the dung or other places with a strong odor. Afterwards, you can sit on your cake, for example. Flies transmit germs that can lead to serious diseases.

      Protect yourself and your loved ones around you with the Ecobusters Fly Trap Garden. The set includes an efficient lure that attracts flies. The EcoWeide attractant is simply filled into the fly trap. The fly trap only attracts flies and is harmless to other insects and animals.
      The Ecobusters fly trap garden is filled with 600ml of water. You need 40g of attractant per flytrap. When the fly trap is full, it can be emptied onto the compost heap. The attractant is simply refilled. The attractant remains active for about 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the ambient temperature.


      Instructions for use fly trap garden

      1. Mix 40 g (1 bag) of EcoWeide attractant with 600 ml of water in the fly trap

      2. Place the fly trap about 10 meters away from the desired area

      3. Place the fly trap in a sunny spot at a height of about 2 meters


      Where you can use EcoGarten

      • terrace and balcony
      • campsite
      • sports ground
      • park and garden
      • in other places with fly nuisance


      • very effective, reduces the annoyance of flies by up to 90%
      • biological attractant
      • the fly trap is reusable
      • easy filling
      • EcoWeide attractant remains active for approx. 6 to 8 weeks


      Attractant EcoWeide

      The natural attractant works very effectively against a flies infestation outdoors. The attractant can be mixed directly with water in the fly trap and is activated by heat and solar radiation. The EcoWeide attractant catches the flies and digests them for approx. 6-8 weeks. Store attractant in a dry place below 25 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children. Per fly trap: 40g (1 bag).


      More about the Fly Trap Garden

      Pour the EcoWeide attractant into the fly trap and mix it with 600ml of water. Depending on the plague of flies, several fly traps must be set up to keep the area free of flies. The ideal period of use is from April to October.


      This is how it works

      The flies are attracted by the smell of the EcoWeide attractant in the bucket. There they are then digested by the effective attractant and the environment becomes pleasantly fly-free. The contents of the fly trap are organic and can be poured onto the compost heap

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      5 from 5
      Ich habe dieses Produkt auf der Equitana in Neuss dekauft und bin absolut begeistert. Ich habe innerhalb von einer Woche die Fliegenfalle komplett voll und ich meine wirklich komplett. Ich habe mir gerade 2 neue bestellt. Endlich auf der Terrasse sitzen, essen OHNE Fliegen.
      Posted by: Kerstin on 1 August 2021


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