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    Friday 22 May 2023

    Sustainability- our contribution

    At Ecobusters we love our environment and have made it our mission to create safe and effective insect repellent without harming our environment.


    We support the organization Sungai watch, they free nature from plastic in Indonesia. We were on site and helped to build barriers in a river to stop the garbage on its way to the sea. Many of us often forget what happens to all the plastic we throw away every day. It takes 450 years or more for plastic to break down and this trash floats in our oceans. In Indonesia, waste disposal (not to mention recycling) is even worse than here, which is why organizations like Sungai watch are so important.

    We also support Treedom trees. They plant trees worldwide and stand out for their environmental commitment. They help to preserve or protect ecosystems. They use the donations they get, use them to plant trees in different countries to help in the long run.

    Moreover, our packaging is made of recyclable materials, our packages are prepared and packed in an environmentally friendly way. In addition, we relied on Europe-wide, CO₂-neutral shipping. Our packages are reused to reduce waste and avoid unnecessary material waste.


    Everyone can do something! Together for a healthy planet!

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