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    Tuesday 22 March 2024

    Which product for which situation? A guide to making the right choice

    Do you have a problem with insects outdoors, i.e. in the garden, on pastures, around animal stables, etc.?
    The fly trap meadow is the perfect solution. The application is simple but effective. The bucket is filled with the attractant and water and then placed in the desired location. It is only important that it is hung approx. 1.5 m high and in a sunny place. As soon as the attractant has dissolved, the smell attracts the flies. The flies can no longer leave the bucket through the special one-way openings, so you and/or your animals are protected. The attractant should be replaced after 6-8 weeks in order to be permanently effective. The fly trap willow ONLY attracts flies, not beneficial insects.

    If you spend a lot of time outdoors, it is essential to apply good insect repellent, especially in summer. Insect Stop Intense Spray offers optimum protection for people and animals. It protects humans for up to 8 hours and horses for up to 24 hours. The spray is not only fragrance-free and therefore very mild, but also smells very pleasant.
    Do you have a problem with flies, fruit flies, mosquitoes/insects in indoor areas such as your house or stables?


    Do you have a problem with flies, fruit flies or mosquitoes indoors such as in your house or in stables?
    Then EcoHome Spray is your salvation. In combination with the automatic sprayer, it quickly and permanently removes insects from the affected room. The automatic sprayer sprays automatically as soon as you set the interval. The spray removes insects from the room immediately and over the long term.

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