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    Friday 19 February 2022

    Protect Your Horse From Flies

    If your horse is plagued by the most unpopular stable visitors in spring and summer, an effective fly repellent is a must! Mosquitoes, flies and horseflies often make the beautiful summer days torturous for us and our horses. This means that we cannot fully enjoy the warm season. Luckily, there are some products and methods that can help against those annoying insects and make summer a wonderful, unforgettable time with unforgettable moments for you and your horse. Our EcoHome products offer natural remedies against annoying pests. Who doesn't dream of an unforgettable time without the annoying flies, mosquitoes and horseflies?


    Fly-free zones in the stable and on the pasture

    It is particularly important to pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness in the barn. The EcoHome Spray keeps insects away and is an effective fly repellent. You can easily hang the automatic sprayer over the box - it protects immediately! It sprays a natural active ingredient at individual intervals and effectively fights flies, mosquitoes and the like!

    Insects prefer to attack the horse's eyes and nostrils. Especially in areas protected from the wind, as well as near water and forests, the horses suffer greatly from an increased plague of flies. Many horses have sensitive eyes and often suffer from inflammation caused by the constant flies. Not every horse likes to wear the classic fly mask and it is often lost in the pasture and does not help much. Here the willow flytrap can be used sensibly and be a relief for horses.


    Eczema relief for your horse

    If your horse suffers from sweet itch, it is a painful allergic reaction of the horse's skin to insect bites, especially to the bites of flies. Allergic skin reactions such as inflammation, swelling and increased itching can occur more frequently and cause pain for the horse. The affected eczema horses often chafe off parts of their fur completely due to the unbearable itching. You can only offer these poor horses a rest with a very good fly repellent. The EcoHome automatic sprayers are perfect for hanging up in the stable and thus providing long-term protection for your horse.


    Natural Fly Spray for protection

    No chemicals on the horse! It is important to protect your horse, yourself and the environment without endangering your surroundings. Our EcoHome products are therefore all based on natural, safe and tested ingredients. Absolutely harmless to people, animals and the environment, they repel annoying insects and flies long-term. So you can enjoy the time with your horse without a guilty conscience!

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