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    Monday 22 November 2023

    Insects in hibernation? Unfortunately not!

    Houseflies are active all year round and are widespread. Occasionally, one of them may enter your home during the cold season, although they are mainly found in barns. Their numbers increase significantly in spring, both in the countryside and in urban areas.

    Mosquitoes can also be found in houses during the cooler months of the year. Their mating season falls in the winter months, as they only become active from around 4 degrees Celsius. They are therefore mainly found in cooled cellars.

    Moths are generally active all year round, but rarely survive the cold temperatures in the winter months in the wild. Therefore, these flying insects often enter your premises during the cold season. However, this can also happen through "introduction" from outside, when the small moths are brought in when you buy food and enter your home unnoticed. In the event of a moth infestation at home, thorough cleaning of the affected rooms and the use of moth traps is recommended to prevent re-infestation in the long term.

    With the help of Ecobusters EcoHome Spray, you are safe from any insects even in winter.

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