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    Monday 19 April 2022

    Insect control system: INNOVATION AWARD 2022


    Exclusive to Europe - Ecobusters is the only safe, approved system! Our motto: no chemicals on the animal! The system works indirectly in the barn, fully automatically, unnoticed, odorless and 100% natural. The owner no longer has to cover the horses for weeks, but can simply use the system to keep the entire stable free of flies, horseflies, etc. - without chemicals. This relaxes the horses enormously and they stand more calmly, it improves hygiene in the stable and prevents mosquito bites and infections. Ecobusters is the only tested and approved system in Europe. As a complete package, we offer an all-round service; from installation to regular maintenance, the customer doesn't have to worry about a thing and can enjoy a fly-free stall.

    Fine spray nozzles on the ceiling automatically spray a natural active ingredient around the clock, 24/7 in the barn. Individually adjustable intervals guarantee a high level of effectiveness, depending on the customer's requirements. The horses are not disturbed by the gentle spray. The effect becomes clear after a short time. The atmosphere in the stable becomes calmer and the horses are more relaxed. The system also improves hygiene in the barn. The setting is simple and can be adjusted at any time. With regular use, the system offers optimal protection all year round.

    The natural ingredients are broken down by natural UV radiation and leave no residue. They are absolutely harmless to people, animals and the environment, but very effective against annoying insects in the stable. The odorless, fully automatic insect protection system keeps the barn free of insects without disrupting daily operations. It reduces stress and illness in horses and increases performance. This leads to optimal regeneration times and you can work in a comfortable no-fly zone all year round.


    Advantages of the Ecobusters insect protection system

    • 100% natural
    • Highly effective
    • Odorless and quiet
    • Very safe
    • Safe for nesting birds in the barn
    • Individually adjustable intervals
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Does not stick to skin & fur
    • Relaxed horses are happier and stand still
    • Improved hygiene in the barn
    • Easy installation

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