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    Monday 13 September 2023

    Bestsellers Presentation - Your Favorites

    The Ecobusters EcoHome impresses with its simple and automatic application. Once the desired interval is set, it only needs to be placed in the desired location. In addition, it is versatile. At home, in stables or semi-enclosed terraces are just a few examples of the possible areas of application. As soon as the spray is empty, the automatic sprayer indicates this and can then be easily replaced. Not only are existing flies eliminated, it also prevents larvae formation, so that the long-term effect is also effective.

    The fly trap meadow is the perfect fly protection in the outdoor area. It also convinces with easy handling and effective impact. After filling the bucket with attractant and water, the trap only needs to be placed in a sunny place, about 1.5 m high and 10 m away from the desired area. Depending on the variant, the trap catches flies within a radius of about 150-300 m2 and that noticeable, the animals and also people are more relaxed and can enjoy the summer. And the best: no useful insects are attracted and the attractant is purely plant based and therefore harmless. After 6-8 weeks, the bucket is emptied and simply refilled with new attractant and water. 

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